Core Competence

Technological Innovation

Thanks to years of R&D investment and technology accumulation, the company has achieved industry-leading technology level in the field of MEMS sensor and SiP, and developed chips with independent intellectual property rights, which enables the company to maintain strong core competitiveness. As of September 30, 2021, the company has mastered 24 core technologies in the field of MEMS devices and microsystem modules and obtained 1562 authorized patents, including 367 invention patents (including 107 overseas invention patents).

One-stop Solution

According to the current situation of the development of industry and the national policy guide, customer demand and their own advantages, Goermicro formed a mature and has its own characteristics of management pattern, Goermicro’s business covers the chip design, product development, packaging test and application of the key link of industrial chain system, through vertical integration, providing customers with “chip + device + module” one-stop product solutions.

Customer resources

The company has always adhered to the “Key Account Strategy”, and established long-term and stable cooperative relations with the world-class brand manufacturers. Our products are widely used in smart phones, wireless headphones, tablet computers, smart wearable devices, smart home and other consumer electronics and automotive electronics.


After years of team building and training, Goermicro has a high-level, professional, scientific research and innovation ability outstanding R&D team and experienced, skilled craft, technology, production team, formed a scientific research, innovative, technical, collaborative talent team. Company core technology staff has profound academic background and long-term industry experience and technical understanding, has the high technology level and research and development capabilities, product line for many years to lead the team in MEMS chip, ASIC chip, MEMS sensor, SiP module implements a number of technological breakthroughs and accumulated fruitful research results.