Goermicro unveiled at the 5th China System-in-Package Conference


On September 27-29, 2021, the 5th China System-in-Package Conference was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of the exhibition was “Smart world starts from here! Towards intelligent design – advanced packaging and testing – supply chain upgrading – ecosystem”, focusing on 5G, IoT, Edge AI, domestic chips, RISC-V, embedded systems, TWS and wearable technology, SIP and advanced packaging and testing. New technologies and solutions such as automatic driving and Internet of Vehicles, shared charging and replacement technology, third-generation semiconductor, etc. Goermicro is invited to participate this meeting as a representative enterprise in the field of MEMS devices and micro system modules. Dr. Tian Dewen attended this meeting and gave a keynote speech.

As Moore’s Law slows down, the semiconductor industry enters the post-Moore era. Heterogeneous integration is an important technology route for semiconductor development. As the IoT grows, heterogeneous integration of MEMS and sensors becomes critical. In his speech, Dr. Tian introduced the challenges of MEMS sensor integration, pointed out that the future trends of MEMS packaging are miniaturization, combination and intelligence, and gave a technological roadmap for the consumer electronics and automotive sectors.

Goermicro is committed to becoming the world’s leading supplier of MEMS devices and microsystem modules. In recent years, relying on the leading product technology and R&D team, Goermicro has realized the coverage of industrial chain from chip design, product packaging and testing to system application. The main products include MEMS chips, ASIC chips, and intelligence voice processing chips, and microphone and module, pressure sensor, combination sensor, intelligent sensor and microsystem module based on MEMS technology. It is applied in the consumer electronics field represented by smart phones, smart headphones, smart wearable devices, and automotive electronics, IoT and other fields. Continue to serve the world’s first-class customers with industry-leading technology.