One-stop Solutions

Company according to the current situation of the development of industry and the national policy guide, customer demand and their own advantages, formed a mature and has its own characteristics of management pattern, the company’s business covers the chip design, product development, packaging test and application of the key link of industrial chain system, through vertical integration, providing customers with “chip + device + module” one-stop product solutions. The company can provide one-stop service mainly because: on the one hand, the company has independent research and development ability in chip design, product development, packaging test and other links, especially a few domestic companies with independent chip design ability in the field of MEMS acoustic sensor, MEMS pressure sensor; On the other hand, MEMS sensor has the characteristics of high customization, the company adhere to the customer-oriented, close to the end customer, can accurately, quickly and comprehensively grasp the customer needs, with the ability to define products with the end customer, customized product development for customer needs.

Therefore, by providing customers with one-stop service, the company closely integrates chip design, product development, packaging testing and system application, etc., to achieve technical solution breakthrough and innovation, effectively shorten the development cycle of new products, improve production efficiency, improve product reliability, and better meet customer needs.